FrightLights Screensaver

Version 2.0, Last Updated: November 29, 2010

NOTE: FrightLights Screensaver is no longer supported. All of the Halloween themed bulbs, and more, can be found in NightLights.

Decorate your Mac with spooky lights of vintage Halloween characters!

In the tradition of NightLights comes a collection of frightfully spooky, digital lights. Based on vintage Halloween images,

FrightLights frames your Mac’s screen with erie blinking lights. You can choose the blink time, blink random, or to have your lights burn steady.

FrightLights screensaver comes FREE with the Jack-o-lantern light. Additional lights, effects, and features, can be unlocked with registration.


  • Choose number of light bulbs!
  • Choose the scale of light bulbs!
  • Vary the blink speed!
  • Individual random light blink!
  • Steady Burn
  • Frame or scatter the lights across your screen!
  • Realtime preview in options panel! See how your settings will look!

BONUS Features with Registration:

  • Four additional bulb designs!
  • Ambient light, brightness, and opacity controls!
  • Dripping blood!
  • Weather: Falling leaves, or rain!
  • Choose to display a text message!
  • Load in your own background image!
  • Choose your own background color!
  • Audio/Music playback!
  • Volume control for audio!


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