UFOz 1.0

 Only $0.99

Take me to your leader!

From the cold, dark reaches of space, they come. Curious about our blue jewel of a planet. What life exists there? What resources does it hold? How can they exploit it? What tastes better; beef, chicken, or man flesh?

UFOz is an interactive space screen decoration, complete with stars, planets, and our reclusive friends from other worlds.


  • Five Virtual 3D Animated Flying Saucers, and other craft!
  • Space-walking Alien!
  • Stars and Planets!
  • Speech Synthesis! The Aliens will speak your custom phrases!
  • Eerie Sound Effects!
  • Comet Cursor!
  • Laser Cannon!
  • Change the background color, or image!
  • UFOz can also be used as a Screensaver, or set to run on your Desktop!


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